Swiss Alps ~ Eiger to Tolkien’s Valley to Matterhorn

About "Swiss Alps ~ Eiger to Tolkien’s Valley to Matterhorn" Workshop

July 1-10, 2024

Swiss trains and fine hotels, day hikes, waterfalls, stars and epic peaks await us everywhere we turn. This Small-Group Trip begins and ends in Zurich, from whence we’ll ride Swiss Rail to the fabulous Bernese Oberland, which inspired Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series of books. From there we’ll ride the rails south to Zermatt, and explore on the shoulders of the Matterhorn. Day hikes are optional but you’ll have wondrous views from everywhere we stop and play. Included are eleven nights lodging, all Swiss Rail trains, plus gondolas and transfers, entry fees, Final Dinner in Zermatt, and of course, Critiques during and after our odyssey though these fable mountains.