If you’re entranced with photographing slot canyons then consider roaming across southern Utah and northern Arizona with me to explore eleven of these unique gems. Some of these slots you may have heard of and a few you may have photographed, but many will be new to almost everyone. Most photographers have by now shot Antelope Canyon, both Upper and Lower, and indeed it remains one of the most photogenic of all Southwestern slot canyons. But candidly, it is now quite overrun with tourists and thus difficult to make quality images in, not to mention frustrating for serious photographers. That is why it is not included on this trip, as you can arrange to shoot here on your own.

I have scouted and assembled a lineup of slot canyons that offer a wide variety of quality photo ops. Some have a bit of water, some require hiking to access and a bit of scrambling once inside, but all offer a measure of quiet and time in which to make memorable personal images. You’ll note that I am not listing the locations here, but if you call or write me I’ll describe them for you. This is a purposeful decision, to avoid undue attention and the resulting overcrowding of new and desirable slot canyons by the general public.

This is a Self-Drive trip, beginning in St. George, Utah on the morning of May 19. We’ll be staying two nights in Kanab, Utah and two nights in Page, Arizona. The workshop ends in St. George, Utah on the evening of May 23, with a final dinner (included). I am offering a full on image critique session during the workshop, and further critiquing after you return home and process your images. These are optional of course.

This small group workshop is limited to 8 photographers, so we can travel and explore more easily and I can work better with everyone in the field. We need 4 photographers minimum to make this workshop run, so write me today for more info and tell your photo friends.

The cost for this workshop is $2500, with $500 deposit and the balance due by April 25. If you’re from out of region, Las Vegas is the gateway city, easy to fly to and rent your trip vehicle. Call me direct with your questions at 602-276-3111, or Email Us