KJ Photo Safaris - Cliff ClimbingShooting on the Edge of Safety

When shooting a challenging activity you have to carefully choose the lenses you'll need, and be able to carry and use them without raising your level of risk. Whether its traversing a 400' rock wall or rafting a major rapid, plan ahead so you have the right lens ready at hand. Wide-angle zooms expand the visual sense of space and are great for overviews as well as creating that feeling of 'falling into the frame.

When climbing, a photo vest may be able to carry the lenses you'll want, perhaps the 10-17 mm, the 12-24 mm and/or the 16-50 DA*. Or a mid-size hip-pack can hold all the gear, and keep it close at hand for quick lens changes when the action demands that. If you can reach a place you can potentially shoot it, and this gear set was easily carried and never in the way while moving across the Via Ferrata, the 'iron road' in the sky.

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